Opening Hours

Bird Rock Point is open to visitors by pre-arranged booking only.

Admission and Prices

Free for National Trust members.

How to Get Here

Location: 21.810468,-72.138654

Near the east end of Leeward Highway. Turn on Technology Drive and make the second left.


For inquiries, please call the National Trust office (649) 941-5710/ (649) 232-6282 during normal business hours.

An attractive area of coastal coppice woodland

The Bird Rock Point Heritage Field Road is located at the southeastern most point of Providenciales. It is approximately 111 acres and is bordered by a residential community, the conch farm and the Caicos Banks. There is a 1.3 mile trail that ends opposite Bird Rock a short distance off the south coast.

Nature at it’s finest

One of the last remaining undeveloped areas at the east end of Providenciales the interior is dominated by a low lying. attractive coastal coppice vegetation; a habitat that was once widespread on the island. There are some interesting rocky, mangrove habitats and small sandy coves along the coastal area, and some limited coral reef and sea grass beds just offshore. Red mangroves are of high importance for its ecological productivity. The mangroves are an important source of nutrients and provide shelter for many juvenile species of fish associated with this area.

A hiker’s paradise

Bird Rock Point is home to a good variety of native wildlife including many birds. It will appeal to nature lovers and walkers, offering an alternative to beaches and water-based activities within a short distance of the main resorts. It will also provide opportunities for residents and visitors to connect with the native flora and fauna is a natural setting.