The purpose of the Trust is to safeguard the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the Turks and Caicos Islands through the preservation of areas, sites, buildings, structures and objectives of cultural, historical or natural significance.

This charter is further emphasized in the Mission Statement.

The National Trust Ordinance was enacted in 1992. And under this instrument was bestowed power to carry out a number of activities for the furtherance of its purpose.

Preserving and protecting our heritage.

Key Areas

There are five programme areas within the current structure of the National Trust: (1) Public Awareness, Education and Outreach, (2) Membership, (3) Volunteer, (4) Small Business Development, and (5) Youth Empowerment Programme & Internship.

Over the years, the National Trust has faced enormous challenges but has never ceased to achieve its mandate on heritage preservation such as implementing good management practice with relatively limited resources, strong local community participation in the conservation and management of TCI’s heritage sites, and the development of unique multi-faceted conservation schemes – all for the protection of the country’s valuable heritage.


Education and Outreach

The National Trust has been consistent in organizing activities to observe globally recognized conservation days such as Wetlands Day, Earth Day, Biodiversity Day, Environment Day, among many others, each year.

We value the support of partners and friends and are delighted to collaborate with local partners like the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, Edward Gartland Youth Centre, the National Museum, Culture Department, the Tourist Board, even private companies, to coordinate events.

The National Trust is a trailblazer in this area. We have gained recognition internationally and regionally for our diversification in sustainable development and best practice. Our pride is manifested through our commitment in maintaining and showcasing our heritage sites and willingness to participate in events such as the Fortis TCI Annual Science Fair and hosting our very own annual children’s environmental and cultural camp and youth leadership camp.

In many circumstances, the Trust was able to design, produce and disseminate educational materials to schools throughout the country. Interpretive panels and brochures raising awareness of TCI’s rich biodiversity were also produced.

Backing public awareness, education and outreach activities are our work plans in the areas of Biodiversity Awareness, Protection & Conservation Management as well as Cultural and Historical Preservation.

Youth Empowerment and Internship

The objective of the Youth Empowerment Programme is to present a platform whereby TCI Youths who are keenly interested in conservation management and cultural preservation could get a head start through hands on experience from exposure with the National Trust operations and projects.

In addition, our Internship Programme supports students seeking hands-on training experience and awards them the opportunity to learn more about the operations and various conservation education projects implemented by the organization.

In the past years, the National Trust has hosted interns that have become competent workers in their workplaces. Our partnership with the Turks & Caicos Community College, British West Indies Sixth Form Programme and other educational institutions, both local and international, has proven successful.


Through the years, National Trust has some important and loyal partners that provide important financial contributions or services in-kind. The membership programme seeks to expand this support network. TCNT is grateful for the support it receives from the private and public sector including individuals, families and companies within the TCI and overseas.

Members of the Turks & Caicos National Trust become official collaborators towards initiatives designed to preserve and promote our National Treasures, programmes that preserve our heritage and propagate wildlife, public awareness through education, among many others. As a bonus, members receive special discount on our locally-produced merchandise and are entitled to a free entry to all TCNT-managed Heritage Sites.

Small Business Development

The Turks & Caicos National Trust is an advocate of local crafts and entrepreneurship. Through our Small Business Programme we are supporting local artisans and emerging entrepreneurs. Within the programme, we carry out efficient inventory monitoring, cooperation from artisans, enhanced quality merchandise, and greater return on sales.


Within the National Trust, the volunteer programme has become a meaningful activity across all ages.