ABOUT 25 guests from Beaches Turks and Caicos joined the TCI National Trust and Sandals Foundation in planting 100 mangroves at Little Water Cay.

The initiative was part of several environmental awareness activities held in association with the resort’s recent event ‘Social Media on the Sand’.

Heidi Clarke, executive director of Sandals Foundation, said she was delighted to have the visitors take part in the environmental conservation activity Saturday, October 19.

“We are super excited to have our moms and influencers join us as we work to increase the mangrove coverage along the coastline in the TCI,” she said in an October 30 statement.

“Over the years, a major focus of our environmental work has been in marine and coastal protection and conservation.

“We welcome all guests to share in these projects as we strive to positively impact the precious environment upon which we rely.”

Mangroves are a great network of filters to purify water sources, they are a strong defence mechanism against storm surges, flood and wind and are home to juvenile fish, crab, shrimp and mollusc species.

Speaking at the planting exercise, Winema Sanders Penn, Director of the TCI National Trust encouraged more people to join the conservation efforts by planting mangroves.

“Mangroves are amazing for protecting our coastline, ensuring our environment is safe for future generations,” she said.

“We encourage everyone to go out and plant some mangroves, and if you do not know how to, come down to the National Trust and we will teach you.”

The recent mangrove restoration activity forms part of a wider marine conservation programme executed by the Sandals Foundation across the Caribbean.

Last year, the foundation partnered with the Grenada Fund for Conservation to plant close to 1,000 mangroves at various locations across the country.

The foundation manages two fully operational marine sanctuaries and supports five others in Jamaica.

It supports coral nursery restoration activities in St Lucia, Jamaica and the TCI as well as spearheads awareness and educational programmes in all seven countries in which it operates.